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Different Types of Websites

All business requires a website to target the global audience. A successful website helps the visitor simply get the information that he is looking for. The design plays a major role in the website and it should complement the theme of the business and it should also follow the guidelines of the SEO to get visible in the search results of the search engines. It is not easy to follow these criteria because sometimes the demands of the business are different and it cant meet with the SEO requirements.

There are 3 types of website designs, depending on the requirement and nature of your business you can select which type of website will be good for your business. There are different platforms on which the website is built. Here we are explaining the 3 different types of website design.

1.Static Websites– These websites are perfect for the service based business which only require few pages on the websites and don’t require any functionality. These websites are created in HTML and CSS and can be easily made as the pages are static and the information remains the same.

2. Dynamic Websites– As the name indicates, a dynamic website is that website on which information is changed and it has different functionality. These websites are built on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. As these are dynamic websites so its difficult to develop these websites as there are so many different functionalities require.

3. E-commerce websites– These websites are basically preferred for the online business for example if you sell products online then you require an e-commerce website. These websites are built on different platforms such as Magneto, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart etc.

These were the different types of website designs. If you are also looking for a website for your business then you must contact the top website designing company in Indore. This will help you to target the local as well as global audience.

How To Pick A Website Design Company?

There are so many website design companies present all over the world and everyone says that they are best in the market so it’s difficult to choose the one to take the web services. But one thing you need to keep in mind that the website will represent your business online and one must know that the online presence makes the biggest difference as it is the Global market and targeted audience is also bigger worldwide. There is no problem in evaluating many firms to finalize the one so here we are providing some points that you need to keep in mind while finalizing the one. This will definitely help you to select the right firm.
Does the firm aware of SEO optimization?
SEO stands for Search engine optimization which is the only method to rank your website on the various search engines on your targeted keyword which helps you to achieve the good traffic to your website and increase your sales. So its necessary that the web developers are aware of SEO techniques which is needed while designing a website. There are numerous things which need to be optimized such as website name, URL names, content optimization, image names, interlinking etc. If you ignore these factors then your website is going to suffer.
Customized Designs
Customized website design is the main factor which attracts the visitors to your website and chances of conversion is also more. The best way to figure out this is you must have a look at the portfolio. This will help you to look at the past projects they have designed and it will give you the idea to go ahead or not. The design is not enough to meet your business goals, a clear call to action is an important phase where the visitor will get what they are looking for. Before finalizing the firm to design your website you need to ask all your doubts because once the website is built it is very difficult to do the changes.
Latest Technology
If your website is outdated and CMS or platform on which your website is built is old then this will impact on the traffic generation. For example, if your website opens fine on PC but not on Mobile phones then users will not visit your website again, in fact, Google also gives priority to the website which is responsive. Your website must also be compatible with all the browsers.
These are the factors you need to keep in mind before you select the one website designing company In Indore to design a perfect website for your business. The more points are also there which you can prefer to get the desired website.

Things to Know About Website Design

If you own a business and you don’t have the website for it then you are lacking a huge audience. Now every business whether its small or big, it needs a website to reach the global audience. Due to the huge demand, the supply is also huge. There are billion of website design companies and even every day a new company is open and close so its very difficult to choose the right company to design a website for your business. So you need to look at the points which differ the one company from another.


There are so many factors which you need to consider while selecting a company such as:

Type of Business- Every business has their own requirement and the functionality of the website also depend on the type of business. If you want to get regular updates and entries on the website then you require a dynamic website and if only web presence is your goal then it is recommended to get the static website. So comparatively the dynamic websites are costly than the static websites.


SEO Friendly Website- The very important thing your developer need to keep in mind while developing the website for your business is that the website should be SEO friendly to be ranked on the various search engines such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go etc. If your website is not SEO friendly then it makes no sense to have a website when you ar not able to reach your target audience.


Experience and Reviews- After these factors the other important factor is how many years of experience the company is having in this industry. How many projects they have completed successfully so far. You can ask for the portfolio  to check out their previous work. Apart from that you can check their reviews and see what their previous clients are talking about them.


There factors will definitely help you choosing the website designing company in Indore to get a customized SEO friendly website for your business. Infact taking SEO services along with web services is also not a bad idea.