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How to get successful online website business?

We know that today we are living in a technology world every business is going to online, Many companies are started and many companies are going to lose. Some company unsuccessful reason is that they were not taking right strategy, consulting and promoting business not properly and wrong client dealing strategy and method. To promote your business very important point is that you should presence online mean you should create a website for your business.

To promote business and marketing very important not only depend on your website online rather your website should proper on page optimized. Optimized means your website is friendly for search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc.  should be page load time is under 6.5 sec because that important point some time is doing that customer search your services and go to search result and click your website link and your website consuming a long time in page loading so maximum customer quit your website page and click another link and go to another site so that harmful effect for your business.

Before you should start off page SEO you should ready Strategy for your business you should research your product keyword which your customer search and put title description according to your product which your customer search and then doing start your off page SEO.

UI UX is important for your site like that your website is not attractive and not responsive and content not interesting and attractive so your website can’t engage visitor so that is secondary harmful effect for your business so you should remember that should design your website high quality and put unique content.

Your website design and  content is third important point for your business like if your website content not unique and if you copy content from other websites and put your website that is very harmful to SEO because google panda detect duplicate content and that will penalize your website means google will down your website from ranking, so you should put content unique best way is that you should be doing writing content from content writer because google crawl and detect fast unique content. And you should install a blog on your website and update regularly unique content.