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Advantages of Professional Website Design

Professional website design is a key factor behind the successful business. Any designer can design a website but only professionals can design a professional customized website depending on the category of your business. A common template from the internet cannot differentiate from the others you need to get the professional website if you want to be unique in the market. Those professionals have years of experience in designing so may website of different categories and they are capable enough to create a perfect one for you.

The first thing which attracts people is the design if the website. A website is the face of your business to the world so definitely it needs to be perfect. If the website is basic with no customization or features then it doesn’t attract the user and there are more chances you will lose the potential customers. Ther professional designers are updated to the market and they know about the effective sales strategies which are important in the conversion. A proper presentation of the content, images, contact page, testimonials, and other important pages are responsible for the conversion of lead into a customer.

Now the point comes, how to hire the best website designer? The suggested article will help you in finding the right website designing company in Indore. Don’t judge on the basis of price, a cheap website definitely not going to give you potential customers. They use random templates from the internet which is already used by so many other designers. The expert does proper research on the market and picks up the important layouts to design a perfect website for your business.

Difference between Website Design and Website Development

A website is required if you want to establish your business online and target maximum audience. There are 2 terms which make maximum people confused that is website design and website development. They think both things are the same but it is not, they are completely different. Here we are explaining the difference between these two processes.

Website Design:
Website design is the visual representation of your business. A website designer can portrait your business into a graphic representation through website design. The design of the website is the first impression so it needs to be the best and must compliment your services. The look of the website is the main thing which attracts the visitor. So the color selection, theme selection, layout structure these all play an important role in a perfect design. Website design has no relation with the programming and functionality, these things come under the development part.

Website Development:
All the functionality and the programming of the website comes under this section which is also called as the backend of the website where web design is called as the front end. Web developers handle the coding part which is not visible to the visitors. It is completely a technical part so that developer need to have proper knowledge about the HTML, PHP, Codeigniter, etc languages to handle the coding part of the website which will provide different functionality to the website.

The combination of development and design makes a website. To get a perfect one for your business you need to contact a well-known website designing company in Indore who can help you with the customized website which can complement your business and the services you provide.

How to Hire the Best Website Designer?

To grow your business and reach your targeted audience you need to have a proper website for your business. A well-designed website helps in conversion which is the main objective. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter are not enough, you need to have a customized website. Your website will be the face of your business so it should be best and compliment the services you provide. You should not compromise with this because it’s worth the investment. Here are the things you need to keep in mind while hiring a professional web designer for your business.

Hire a Local Web Designers: There are various advantages of hiring a local web developer such as they offer a quick response which is needed in planning and discussion. Proper communication is very necessary in order to get the website on time. Easy communication builds trust between the client and the developer.

Check the Portfolio: You can’t randomly hire a designer by searching or from referral, you need to check their portfolio. Their past work will give you an idea of whether they can design a good website for your business or not. You need to properly check each and every page if the website to that you can track the functionality and the loading time of the website also. 

There are more additional things you can check such as, do they know basic SEO, content writing, graphics, and other important things. The best website designing company in Indore have highly experienced developers but all you need to do is research and proper analysis before finalizing the one.

Different Types of Websites

All business requires a website to target the global audience. A successful website helps the visitor simply get the information that he is looking for. The design plays a major role in the website and it should complement the theme of the business and it should also follow the guidelines of the SEO to get visible in the search results of the search engines. It is not easy to follow these criteria because sometimes the demands of the business are different and it cant meet with the SEO requirements.

There are 3 types of website designs, depending on the requirement and nature of your business you can select which type of website will be good for your business. There are different platforms on which the website is built. Here we are explaining the 3 different types of website design.

1.Static Websites– These websites are perfect for the service based business which only require few pages on the websites and don’t require any functionality. These websites are created in HTML and CSS and can be easily made as the pages are static and the information remains the same.

2. Dynamic Websites– As the name indicates, a dynamic website is that website on which information is changed and it has different functionality. These websites are built on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. As these are dynamic websites so its difficult to develop these websites as there are so many different functionalities require.

3. E-commerce websites– These websites are basically preferred for the online business for example if you sell products online then you require an e-commerce website. These websites are built on different platforms such as Magneto, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart etc.

These were the different types of website designs. If you are also looking for a website for your business then you must contact the top website designing company in Indore. This will help you to target the local as well as global audience.

Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Website Design

The time has gone when the computer was the only medium to surf the internet. Now the era has come everybody is using the internet on their mobile phones or tablets. Due to the Availablity of smartphones at a very cheap rate, everybody has it. There are various operating systems available in smartphones such as Windows, Android, Symbian, Apple IOS and more. Due to the availability of these much options, the price of the phones come down which benefit the common people. Every year mobile internet is taking over the computer internet usage.

Many people get confused between mobile website design and desktop website design. The simple difference is a normal desktop website design cant run on the mobile or tablet due to the screen resolution but mobile-friendly website designs are specially designed for the smartphones and tablets which are also known as responsive website design in which there is no disturbance in the design while surfing the website on the small screen size.

Have a look at some advantages of having a mobile friendly website:
1. The very important factor is the local search result. Accessing the website from smartphones allows you to reach more audience due to local search targeting. This will help you in targeting a local audience.
2. Mobile friendly design enhances the brand value surpassing the desktop version which leads to more conversion.
3. The more responsive your website will be the more return visitors you will get which lead to more conversion.

The very important thing which can affect everything is the loading time of the website. The website needs to be fast otherwise slow website irritate visitor which puts a negative impact on the customer mind and you will lose the conversion. If you want a website having all these features as mentioned above then you must take help from the top website designing company in Indore to design a fully responsive website for your business.